Trio of Dips


Supreme Nachos


Chille Con Carne




Gringo's Pork Ribs


Acapulco Chicken




Catina Fajitas


Tri of Fajitas



Fried Burrito

Para Empezar
Appetisers & Dips

Garlic or Herb Bread (2PCS) $3.50
Mexican Bruschetta (2PCS) $6.90

Salsa Dip $10.90
Chilli Con Queso $10.90
Guacamole Dip $10.90
Frijol Dip $10.90
Trio of Dips (Any 3 of the Above) $19.90

Chicken Dippers (With honey mustard) $11.90
Coconut Prawns $13.90
Prawns Picante (Garlic, salsa, rice) $19.90

Supreme Nachos
With Shredded Chicken & Beef

Regular $16.90
Large $20.90

Vege Nachos
With Seasonal Veges & Beans

Regular $14.90
Large $18.90

Chille Con Carne
Shredded beef, Mexican beans, chilli & herbs
served with rice, salad, corn chips & sour cream.

Regular $15.90
Large $18.90

Two soft flour tortillas filled with salsa, cheese &
breast fillet of chicken, served with sour cream & guacamole.

Chicken $15.90
Prawn $19.90

All salads topped with Sombreros' special sour cream dressing.

Small Garden Salad $4.90
Large Garden Salad $11.90
Grilled Chicken & Avocado Salad $18.90

Two crispy Taco shells with your choice of fillings
served with sour cream, guacamole & salad.

Shredded Beef $15.90
Breast Fillet of Chicken $15.90
Mexican Bean (Frijol) $14.90
Sombreros' Tacos (Chicken, almonds & raisins) $16.90

Crisp, fried flour tortilla with your choice of filling below topped
with salsa, sour cream, served with rice & Mexican beans.

Beef/Chicken Breast Chimi $17.90
King Prawn Chimi $20.90


Gringo's Pork Ribs $29.90
Grilled pork spare ribs, basted with our unique
Hickory Sauce, served with hot chips & a bib just in case!

Rio-Grande Steak $25.90
Grain-fed Eye Fillet steak topped with a mild chilli &
tomato based sauce, served with Mexican beans, salad & rice.

Acapulco Chicken $24.90
Tender breast fillet pieces of chicken topped with a
mild chilli & tomato based sauce served with Mexican
beans, salad, rice & sour cream.

Eye-Fillet Steam $24.90
300 grain-fed steak topped with your choice of Mushroom,
Pepper or Dianne Sauce served with salad & rice.

Creamy Avocado Chicken $24.90
Tender breast fillet pieces of chicken with fresh avocado
& wine sauce served with salad & rice.

Pacific Dory $22.90
Sizzling platter of dory fillet served & salsa served
with salad & rice.

Combination Meals
Served with Mexican beans, rice, sour cream & cheese.

Combo 2 (Choose any 2 from below) $23.90
Combo 3 (Choose any 3 from below) $29.90

* Enchilada (Beef, Chicken OR Prawn)
* Tostada (Beef, Chicken OR Prawn)
* Taco (Beef, Chicken OR Prawn & Salad)

Soft Flour & Sun Dried Tomato Tortilla - Served with salad,
wrapped with Mexican beans, rice, onions, capsicum &
your choice of filling below:

Soft Corn Tortilla - Served with salad, Mexican beans, rice,
sour cream & folded with your choice of filling below:

Shredded Beef $17.90
Breast Fillets of Chicken $17.90
King Prawn $20.90
Sombreros (Chicken, almonds & raisins) $17.90
Vegetarian (Rice, Mexican beans, seasonal vegetables) $16.90
Frijol (Mexican Beans) $16.90

Sizzling platters sautéed with onions and capsicum,
served with side dips & tortilla bread:

Cantina Fajitas (Chicken breast & steak)
For 2 $50.00
For 3 $75.00

Trio of Fajitas (Chicken, steak & prawns)
For 2 $54.00
For 3 $81.00

Seafood (Fish fillets, prawns & baby octopus)
For 2 $55.00
For 3 $82.50

A crisp tortilla basket layered with Mexican beans & salsa,
topped with salad, cheese, sour cream, choose from:

Fiesta Tostadas $18.90
With shredded beef & chicken breast.

Vegetarian Tostadas $16.90
With seasonal vegetables.

Para Niños
Kids 12 & under

Mini Burrito (Beef or Chicken or Bean) $9.50
Taco (Beef or Chicken or Bean) $8.50
Mini Cheese Nachos
    (With salsa, sour cream, guacamole) $7.90
    (With Beef also) $8.50
Chicken Dippers & Chips $9.50
Steak & Chips $9.50

Ostra Cosas

Sour Cream $2.50
Guacamole $3.00
Salsa $2.50
Tortillas $1.10
Hot Chips (Small) $3.50

Rice $2.50
Mexican Beans $2.50
Jalapeño Chilli $2.50
Corn Chips $2.50
Hot Chips (Large) $5.50

Amigos Banquet $35.00 PP
Min 4 people

* Garlic Bread
* Chilli Con Queso Dip & Corn Chips
* Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla
* Sizzling Fajitas Platter (Chicken & beef, dips & tortillas)

Fiesta Banquet $40.00 PP
All of the above & a delicious Choc coated Gelato Dessert, choose from:
Mint Choc, Passionate Bite, Hazelnut Baci, Coconut, Chocolatino.

Vegetarians! Please ask your waiter to include choices:
Frijol Quesadilla, Vege Tostadas, Frijol Tacos!

Gluten-Free menu items available. These include:
All dips, Nachos, Enchiladas, Tacos, Fajitas and many more.
Please ask your waiter.


Public Holiday Surcharge
$2.00 per person applies for Public Holdays.